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- The first thing that dismantled the team was money, but it makes you wonder "why did money become an issue?"
- Among the members, there was really no issue
- But you have the agency and the artist relationship, so whenever there was something that happened inside this dynamic with the members, they could either stay with the company, or leave the company
- And in the midst of trying to find a way to deal with this, because of this relationship with the company, there are instances where you end up drifting apart from it 

- One of the reasons for the discord in the team was because of members wanting to go solo, so it created discord. 
- But there's something I want to say to the people who want to go solo. You can go solo, and it's natural to want it. Of course, since your confidence will grow and your skills also improve. But the team is the most beautiful when it's a team. 

- It's clear that there are people who will end up doing better once they go solo. 
- But the thing is they're only able to want to go solo because the team is able to look the most beautiful as a team. 
- Of course, go ahead and go solo! You can go solo, HOWEVER!
- While you are solo, and the team needs to unite again, you need to act as a team
- This is what I find the most beautiful 

- I'm a big fan of g.o.d hyungs
- There was a time when g.o.d hyungs weren't able to promote for a while 
- At that time, I was a fan of Kye-sang hyung and Hoyoung hyung, but despite that, I wasn't able to listen to g.o.d's songs
- It's because I was frustrated thinking that I might never hear g.o.d songs again 

- There are seriously a lot of people who love the team this way
- It's clear that you'll enjoy going solo and you can gain a lot of individual fans
- But to some degree, this greed and confidence will be the thing that ruins the team
- You will definitely regret it in the future

- Regarding my situation, when Mblaq concluded its promotions
- I thought 'I'm able to do well on my own', I was seriously so confident and I also knew my hyungs were looking at me
- But after Mblaq concluded its promotions, I was in a huge dilemma and became depressed...

- And honestly, currently, I'm unable to listen to Mblaq's songs. I don't listen to any Mblaq songs. 
- Even when other people want to sing for me, I don't want to listen to it. 
- I don't even want to sing it, because those songs reminds me of the past. 
- The time when the fans loved Mblaq, that generation is completed and finished. 
- That's why whenever I hear Mblaq's songs, I get frustrated and I can't bring myself to listen to it 

- Whenever I look at the sunbaes and hoobaes who are disbanding their teams, my heart breaks for them... I seriously think they'll end up regretting it. 

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1. What he said is a wise saying... There are more people who like the team as a team than you thingㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Me too, some days ago, I thought about whether I'll still be able to like my bias if they decided to go their own way...? I thought about it seriously and I seriously couldn't give an answer.. If my bias group disperses, I seriously think I'll leave tooㅠㅠ

2. Ha... My heart hurts 

3. So he can't listen to any Mblaq songs... Seeing the content of this post, he really makes my heart ache

4. That's true... The team's impact is without a doubt there

5. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ what he says is true... I want to see my bias go solo, but a team is the most beautiful as a team 

6. Among the people who claim they're individual fans, the majority are actually individual fans of the member only in the group 

7. That's true, the team impact is huge.. I seriously don't think I can stan my bias as a solo.. I did support my bias when he was doing his solo activities in the team, but I didn't fangirl as hard. It's interesting because I was like that despite him being my bias 

8. I relate.. I can say I support the members who left the team, but it's not as easily said than done 

9. I agree. It's because you like the team that you're able to like the members in the team. I always frown upon people who say they want to go solo 

10. Ah this is so true, you can still go solo even if you stay in the teamㅜㅜ Even individual fans, they always like 'someone from X team'...ㅇㅇ

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