"2 weeks"

"But why 2 weeks? I'm so curious"

"Because outfits are too expensive"

"We spend a lot of money [in it]"

Viviz members are quite realisticㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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1. But it's true that they need a lot of money to perform on music shows.. 

2. And it's also physically strainingㅠ Not only to the artists but also to the staff's physical health 

3. But I know that companies spend a lot of money sending their idols around music shows, but why don't the music shows pay them?.. Meanwhile they earn money by broadcasting in on Youtube
> Hul they're not getting paid??????
> They give an appearance fee, but I know that it's a very trivial amount?
> They also share Youtube revenue
> They do get paid for appearing, I saw an article last time that said that it was around 50K won (50$)
>> Hulㅋㅋㅋ

4. But even in the past, I heard that they spent a lot of money on music shows, but It just feels like as time pass, it's becoming shorter and shorter, what a shame.. 

5. Kara also said the same..

6. Is that so... In the past, we had 3-4 weeks music show promotions, this is way too short, what a shame..ㅠ

7. If I can put it simply, music shows is just another form of promotion.. 
It's a way to market your song when it's out
It's the same as brands paying influencers and Youtubers to showcase their products..

8. I feel like all the money they spend on music shows now can be considered a form of fan serviceㅇㅇ When you're rookie, it's indeed considered promotion, but once you become seniors in the field, you don't need to go on music shows anymore, that's why the people who still do are impressive

9. Music shows is just a form of promotion, right now, their own company are all shooting their own content on Youtube and there are lots of channels that do just that. So they don't necessarily have to go on music shows, although it's a shame.. 

10. Outfits fee, set fees, makeup shop fee, shooting in the middle of the night, all of this is freaking tiring.. Once you gain seniority, you can just go on the 4 main public TV music shows, but when you're a rookie, you need to promote for around 4 weeks. But now we're slowing moving from 2 weeks to 1 week even.. 

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