Singer and actor Kim Hyunjoong from the group SS501 becomes a father.

On the 21st, his agency Henezia announced the pregnancy news through an official notice saying, "Kim Hyunjoong is currently cautious, but he is waiting for a new life with gratitude and excitement."

They continued, "We ask for your sincere support and blessings so that we can protect this precious life."

In addition, "This is news related to the artist's private life, so we respectfully ask that you refrain from excessive interest or speculation in consideration of the position of the wife."

1. I didn't even know he got married

2. Wh-wh-wh-wh-what did you say?

3. From the "pregnancy machine" himself...? (t/n: he texted his ec-girlfriend calling her pregnancy machine for getting pregnant "too easily")

4. "Protect this precious life"..ㅋㅋ
> Why?
>> When his ex-girlfriend got pregnant, he sent a Katalk calling her a pregnancy machine 

5. It's not his ex-girlfriend but a new person right?
> Yup 

6. He's already having a kid?????
I still remember his first baby's article...
> Huh? He already has a kid...? Ah so this is his second kid?

7. Yeah.. Please raise them well 

8. Why do I feel like I already knew he had a kid?
> He has a kid that his ex-girlfriend gave birth to and they weren't married. Now he married another commoner and had anotehr kid

9. I bet once the kid is born, he'll crawl his way back on broadcast again 

10. Imagine him appearing on Superman Return... *boiling*

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