The police urgently arrested a first-year student at Inha University on charges of S/A and k*lling a female college student in her 20s who fell to her death while bleeding. Both were first-year students at Inha University, and it was confirmed that they were not in the same department.

A is accused of S/A B, a student of the same school school, on the campus of Inha University in Michuhol-gu, Incheon around 3:49 a.m. on the same day and causing her to die.

B, who died, was found in a state of cardiac arrest while intoxicated at school. The 119 paramedics took B to the hospital, but she died at 7 am, three hours later.

Police estimated that B, who was S/A inside a school building, fell to the ground from the third floor and died. The police are investigating whether A pushed B after the S/A.

A and B went to school on the 14th to take a onsite test for the seasonal semester, which had been conducted online until then. The two were usually active in the same club, and it is said that they met that evening and had a drink together.

After that, the police said that A remained in the school building until B's death. He also said that there were no other students other than A and B in the school building at the time of the incident.

The police initially investigated A as a witness, but when A admitted to some of the charges, he switched to the status of a suspect and is being investigated intensively. A police official said, "We will find out the exact cause of death through an autopsy request for the B, and will also investigate the relationship between A and B."


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In what kind of country do you have to 'refuse' S/A?? I didn't know you could agree to get S/A? That article title damnㅋ (t/n: original article was titled "Female university student who refused S/A", see Theqoo post below)

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Reporter Park Joonchul of Kyunghyang Newspaper, if you can write that the victim is a female college student, write that the perpetrator is also a male university student

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Hannam pulling another Hannam 

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The title is only focused on the victim, what's up with that? You should write 'Inha University male student r*aped and m*rdered a fellow same grade schoolmate"

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Can we stop killing women already


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1. "Refusing S/A ㅋ The word choice is crazy hereㅋㅋ Of course we should refuse S/A, are we supposed to accept it?

2. Can we just torture him to d*ath? Humanely speaking 

3. What kind of sentence is refusing S/A? I didn't know S/A needed permission?

4. Look at the title writing 'female university and another university student' f*ck ㅋㅋ Both are university student, but he couldn't bring himself to write 'male university student'ㅋㅋㅋ And he's also bullsh*tting about refusing S/A. It shows the journalist's standards

5. "Refusing S/A"? Let's not live like that trash journalist-ah 

6. A trash journalist writing trash about trash 

7. Ah so you meant he male student offered to the S/A? Sigh what an empty head

8. F*ck this country is a mess

9. Refusing S/Aㅋㅋ I can only laugh f*ck give that university student the d*ath sentence seriously I'm so pissed off

10. He was a 1st year? F*ck he's so f*cking young f*ck 

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