Hello I am a 30 years old single fangirl of a quite famous boy group. I shall accept that the reason of my single status is mainly because of my biases. I am fangirling for Kpop since 2010 and until now, I like this certain group with a great variety of talents, like everyone in that group is so hilarious! And I came to this 1 guy who is 6 years younger than me and he became my bias. He is the sunshine of the group with great personality, good at cooking, soft at heart, great sense of jokes, I mean the company labeled him as 'boyfriend material' for a reason, right? During my fangirling time until recently, I never fell in love like for real for anyone. It was just pure fans and idol thingy. But when I saw this sunshine with his bright smile, everyday I felt so in love like I never felt before. Recently they had their own concert in Gocheok Dome and seeing his introduction really made my heart beat so fast like ever before! In day 2, he even sang his own drama OST and without knowing I shed tears looking at him so proudly singing in front of his fans. Then I realized that everybody in that Dome was staring at him. He was the center of attention for a while and I cried even harder wondering "If the group come to my country, will we ever stare at each other?" I am madly in love to him to the point I don't even realized that I put his personality on my ideal type on online dating apps. Do you guys ever feel like this too? And how do you overcome this issue? I live in Asia so most women around my age are already married and have children. I want to marry someone too but I always backed off whenever the guy I date is not what I'm looking for. It is tiring but I don't want to stop fangirling over him because the group itself help me from my mental condition.

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