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I went for a plastic surgery consultation in Gangnam a year ago and suddenly ended up having nose surgery.... I'm regretting it so much right now that I want to die ㅠㅠ

I wanted to get rid of my bulbous nose so I wanted to get nose surgery
But the silicone is totally sticking out on one side and it looks so obvious
What's worse is that if I touch it, the silicone severely wiggles from left to right
Also, the feeling of irritation/foreign body because of the silicone is so so severe

The thing that I regret the most is that I seriously hate seeing my nose surgery scar..
I didn't fully grasp all the information and just randomly opened my nose for surgery
So the scar on my columella is extremely obvious even after 1 year
As the scar healed, it became brooked so every time I look at the mirror, I just want to die. I think about it at least a couple hundred of times a day..

When I got my operation at the hospital, they said that the scar would disappear after 6 months, but seems like my scar will stay with me for my whole life ㅠㅠ

The foreign substance feeling in my nose is so severe that I started experiencing throbbing pain
I tried to endure it and went to my surgeon to ask if he can remove it because it was slanted but he asked me for a ridiculous amount of money and treated me like some mentally ill person...

I've never regretted anything in my life but
I seriously regret my nose surgery to death and I just want to go back 1 year in time

Every time I look at the mirror, my mental health just crumbles at the sight of my scar...

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1. [+173, -2]
Plastic surgeons act like thugs. They are the ones ruining the surgery but once the patient complains, their attitude will make a 180 change

2. [+109, -6]
This breaks my heart... I also got nose surgery and I went to over 10 hospitals for consultation, debated for 2 years and obtained all the information. That's how you can end up with a nose you like. Someone who's precise and thorough with their work will do it with your ear cartilage. One of the dongsaengs I know did an open nose surgery and the scar never faded. After going around 10 hospitals, I realized that there were so many irresponsible hospitals who were there just for the money... Everyone, please be careful. And you can't even sue the hospital.. it happened to my dongsaeng too... So later on, they went to another place for consultation and got a revision... these doctors have no shame... even though there are a lot of doctors like them... Never trust apps like 'Gangnam Unnie' or 'Barbie Talk' (T/n: popular PS apps where patients can leave their reviews). All of those are photoshopped. Don't go on internet blogs either. Their staffs all rig their plastic surgery stories. There are so many people like that

3. [+107, -11]
If you experience it yourself, these are the side effects of plastic surgery...ㅜㅜㅜ it doesn't matter how good the hospital is...

4. [+53, -1]
Let's stop putting foreign objects in our noses like silicone.. It's the same as putting a time bomb in your nose. If there's inflammation because of the foreign object, your body might reject it and your nose will be severely ruined. Scars from nose surgery are also severe and look so artificial.

5. [+50, -1]
There are a few comments lacking tact here. Who cares if you guys got nose surgery for over 10 years and had no adverse effect? ㅠ nobody wants to be with people who purposely look up for other's misery on the internet just to say "it didn't happen to me though?ㅎㅎ"

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