They sold 1.126M copies

This is the amount their Chinese bulk buying groups purchased

Karina: 335,000 copies
Ningning: 213,359 copies
Winter: 129,764 copies (on the last day, they added an extra 25,000 copies, making it rougly 150K copies)
Giselle barely sold anything, so they didn't reveal it 

The 3 members alone sold 700K albums and if we add Giselle, it'll be around 750~800K albums. 
If we remove China, they sold around 400K albums

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1. That's why even when they pull those pigeon acts, they can't let go of China 

2. That's why they put Chinese members

3. Daebak, Aespa fighting 

4. Actually, Giselle couldn't even sell 10K by herself...ㅠㅠ

5. Who cares about China, what they achieved is amazing. Even if you removed China, those are good numbers..

6. It's not like Aespa has any side promotion in China and most of the top KPOP idols have a super high proportion of their sales attributed to Chinese mass buying groups. So why are people only b*tching at Aespa about it?ㅎㅎ So now, bulk buying groups are a reason to hate too?
Of course their listeners will rise over time, it's so barbaric and outdated to drag the fans and the artists by being racist. You guys don't even know how embarrassing you look 
"The biggest Chinese bulk buying teams ranking and proportion"
1. BTS 790K (2020) - first week sale 23% (t/n: 790K is the number of album ordered + 23% is the proportion of Chinese orders VS the rest)
2. Aespa 580K (2022) - Ongoing
3. BlackPink 520K (2020) - 76%
4. EXO 510K (2021) - 56%
5. Baekhyun solo 500K (2021) - 58%
6. NCT Dream 410K (2022) - 29%
7. Lisa solo 380K (2021) - 52%
8. Seventeen 340K (2022) - 16%
9. Red Velvet 320K (2022) - 72%
10. Rose solo 270K (2021) - 61%

7. Wow Karina is daebak 

8. So SM would flop if not for Chinaㅋㅋ

9. If Karina had a solo debut, it'll be freaking impressive;;;; Let's gather Chinese money~~~~

10. SM better not let go of China 

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