(T/n: Usually, when groups hold fansign events, the company would release the list of attending fans)

"There's no way SM would fake their fansign listㅋㅋ
So the fans who are going to Aespa's face-to-face fansign are also going to the Super Junior face-to-face fansign? Huh? SM teachers?"
(Left: Aespa's fansign
Right: SJ's fansign
Red: overlapping fans)

"Tweet: Kids, is there even a high possibility that 9 or so people who are both fans of Aespa and SJ go to both fansigns?

Quote retweet: Of course.. I'm in the list of fans in SJ's fansign but I've never bought any SJ album... I went to check and my name and front of my email were the same~...."

"Of course, I didn't get a text for winning the SJ fansign but my text from Aespa came in!!"

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1. If this was really a mistake, then the winners would've been able to went to both fansignsㅋㅋㅋ they clearly rigged their fansign attendees

2. It's f*cking funny how people are shielding this calling it a "mistake"

3. Are they doing this because the number of attendees fell short..?ㅠㅜ
> ㅇㅇ that's more than plausible

4. If this was really a mistake, then they would've all received a text notification or an email. The issue here is that they are using people's information like this

5. If these weren't rigged, everyone would've received a notification for both

6. I knew that this f*cking company was acting like thisㅋ f*cking lame

7. The same thing happened to Starship but you guys called them "rigged" while calling SM a "mistake"

8. How can this be a mistake...

9. So if you're from a mid-sized company, it's rigged but if you're from a big company, it's a "mistake" huh...

10. They didn't even receive a text notification so this seems more like rigging to me. They would've received 2 texts if it was really a mistake

11. What's wrong with SM? I like SM idols but I'm f*cking pissedㅋㅋㅋ

12. It's either they want to fill up the empty spaces or they want to actually have a small number of attendees so they are filling up the extra space with random people. But either way, this is rigged. It just looks bad so why?

13. Just why are they acting like this nowadays? If they have only a few people attending, they should just accept it as is. Who cares?

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