"The Homosexual/gay variety show has startedㅠㅠ" 

Please call and complain about the homosexual variety show 'Others Dating' produced by Wavve. If we don't, our children might grow curious about homosexuality in one instant. 

I called 1599-3709 and told them to communicate with the producers about the factthat there are a lot of parents who are too concerned and against it. A kind staff said they would deliver [the complaint].

Please use the link below and post a message to the customer center on the website!!
I think writing is more effective. Wavve (wave) - 1:1 inquiry

It's time to gather precious phone calls! If no one protests, they will never know there are people who are against it.

Homosexuality is not congenital, it is a sex addiction in which people indulge in strong sexual pleasure through acquired sexual experiences (ex. sexual ass*ult, sexual curiosity). It is not a concept of human rights that should be respected or protected because it causes not only mental illness but also various physical diseases.

And since it is not genetic, it can be corrected by education.
Above all else, prevention is best.
Let's get together and protect our children!

- Why is it becoming like that nowadays? Not only that, but I saw this article recently. Shin Dongyeob and Hong Seokcheon are the MCs. ㅜㅜ The world is slowly becoming..
> For someone who raises kids like us, I'm disappointed in Shin Dongyeob

- Why are they doing thisㅜ

- This is seriously problematic. Our son who is 6 years old asked me if it's okay for men to marry with each other... When we were young, this was a question that we couldn't even fathom about,. Seriously this is so wrong. 

- Omo, I read about homosexuality being a disease you can catch recently... To think that they consider it innate...ㅠㅠ
> Homosexuality is a mental illness that has no genetic component and is therefore easy to cure.

- I left a 1:1 inquiry after reading this post. 
But I feel like they'll go through with it. 
In this way, it stimulates and interests the broadcasting of LGBTI people.

"Thank you for your valuable comments. We fully empathize with your feelings.
Wavve Originals are different from existing programs.
We have been pursuing the differentiation of materials, and we would like to introduce one of various genres.
The content is a reality show that captures the way 'they' live.
There may be various views of 'LGBT people', but in order to respect and understand diversity, we ask for your understanding that we will focus on showing the lives of these people as they really are through the reality genre."

"... The first domestic gay variety show. The teaser for "Others Dating" has been released"

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1. Yet the heteros' dating show always leads to failed marriage, so it's a proof that it's unhealthy ^^

2. Just how spineless did you raise your kids that you think that by watching a video, it might open their eyes to gays?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Moms, raise your children to become adults with a strong convictions and who do not depend on mere videos 

3. I've been reading BLs and GLs but why am I still not homosexual...

4. If you don't want to watch it, just don't watch it 

5. Are their brains for real... Just focus on educating your kid about sexuality properlyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. But TV shows always show couples having affairs, so is everyone having an affair?

7. TV dramas are portraying murderes sexually ass*ulting others and husbands ass*lting wives, and you let it slide, yet you're scared that people will start copying gays? Are you in your right mind?

8. You should worry about heteros sleeping without condoms and educating them properly first

10. So ignorant. Do you really think that you can grow curious about homosexuality? 

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