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1. Wow I'm looking forward
Meanwhile Nayeon is seriously so hard working. She did her solo and went straight into team comeback 

2. Wow Twice and Twicce fans, congrats. This is so nice to see ㅠㅠ Even I'm getting happy and touched

3. It feels like they'll do super well this time. Just from Nayeon's solo and the full group's renewal, they had a good media buzzㅋㅋ

4. Releasing the album right after renewing is such a cool move

5. Seriously I'm not a Twice fan, but I seriously envy their fans. Their members seem to be in a good relationship with each other and it's not even their renewal time yet they've already decided to renew their contract, now they're releasing their next mini album right away. I don't know much about the idol industry, and I'm only on theqoo to read news, but I'm so happy about this news

6. Daebak, they're already at their 11th mini album...? But I feel lke everyone's releasing at 1pm on Friday lately 

7. As expected, Twice moved fast in renewing their contract so they can release this newsㅋ

8. I'm still listening to Alcohol Free, please come fasterㅜ

9. The teaser having Twice's official colors is making me so emotional..ㅠㅠ

10. They seriously never got into any controversy and gave us so much content, you can't help but stan 

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