This is the Johnnys Jr. group who went to the US to study as transfer students (t/n: covered here)
Apparently they got offered an apparition on this show because of their performance on World of Dance
Their clothes and song are actually from some years ago 

This was their dance competition video

This is their usual video they shoot with the dance they make (t/n: not sure if they make the choreography or someone does it for them)

Travis Japan

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1. Simon ajussi has became a lot more generous 

2. I'm embarrassed for them watching that interview

3. Their skills are not bad but their "wit" is so cringe

4. I was curious and clicked but I couldn't finish it because of the cringe

5. Is their concept smiling brightly like fools?

6. I actually like those outfitsㅋㅋㅋI like shiny stuffㅋㅋ

7. What's up with those outfits... It's freaking countrified, do they really want to receive love as Japanese idols like that??? Wake up ㅠㅠ

8. Wow I'm getting a secondhand embarrassment for them...

9. This makes me realize there's a reason why KPOP is doing well 

10. Is this really this year??? I thought they shot it 20 years ago 

11. You can take the biggest flops from our country and unleash them there and it would be better..

12. You can tell how much the standards for America Got Talent have dropped... You're telling me they're filtering out the best of the best talents in America and came up with this?

13. It's seriously freaking countrified;;;;;; What to do;;;;;

14. Why do foreigners like Japan so much? I don't get it 

15. At least they seem hard working...

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