She would've taken 40 minutes by car, but instead took a 3 minutes flight
I can understand taking the private jet to move, but the 3 minutes is just way too much 

The controversy isn't based on the fact that she lives a lavish life, but that she's polluting 
She can use her money however she wants VS she should be thinking about the environment

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1. I'm f*cking jealous of her wealth 

2. Is 3 minutes on a plane more polluting than 40 minutes car drive? I don't know so I'm asking. If so, it's problematică…¡ă…¡
> Yup, airplanes are especially severe

3. It's up to her, I don't even have any thoughts, she lives in a completely different worldă…‹ă…‹ă…‹ă…‹ă…‹ă…‹

4. But considering take off and landing, wouldn't it take approximately the same time in a car?

5. Does she think she's using the Earth alone?

6. This family will surely live long damn 

7. Is there even a need for her to go? Right now, the Earth is turning to the worse

8. This is her own freedom 

9. Sigh people are so nitpicky

10. It's true that stuff like airplanes and yacht aren't good for the environment

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