On the 19th, Yoo Ah In released on his own IG a post with "Who the hell are you to make me look at the tip of my toes? If you're going to act like that, scrap everything and go set up an academy in your local apartment complex". (t/n: the sentence is kinda hard to translate because there's some expressions/grammatical choices he makes that might come off as rude towards the locals)

Yoo Ah In, who took a photo at an exhibition of his close artist friend, wrote a post with ambiguous meaning online. 

Some netizens reacted with, "What's wrong with the local apartment's academy?" "People who set up a local academy in apartments will be furious" "Did you fight someone?" "Be careful with your words."

original post: here

1. Reminds me of that 'local piano academy smell' comment... 

2. Whether it's V or Yoo Ah In... I'm not even surprised

3. What happened with V?

4. What an ignorant comment sigh 

5. Sigh...

6. How careless of him...

7. F*cking rude..ㅋ

8. This guy always pretends to be eloquent all the time, but he's just pretending to be artistic and fake his concern about other people, meanwhile, he's actually a snob

9. Yoo Ah In is famous for his words, he's the actor Kang daniel 

10. So people here are okay bashing Yoo Ah In but not V? They made the same comments, but one is a curse and the other one is a mistake?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The fans' shield are even funnier

11. I'm not surprised by Yoo Ah In at all, he's always trying to fight poepleㅋㅋㅋ

12. I know that they're probably joking between themselves, but it's clear that his intention behind is was to put down someone else's job, that's why people are frowning at him. If he's going to talk like that, he should just say it through Katalk, the fact that he thought it was a good idea to put it up makes him look r*tarded.

13. Why does he talk so arrogantly all the time 

14. Who does he think he is..

15. What's wrong with local academies? It doesn't surprise me that it comes from him tsk tsk does he enver get embarrassed?


comment: are you being ignorant of apartment's academies?
Yoo Ah In: No. But are YOU being ignorant of apartment's academies?

original post: here

1. ㅋㅋWhy is he like that..

2. I'm not surprised that he consistently acts like that 

3. Me too, I've never liked the way Yoo Ah In talks, but I feel like there are wayyyyy too many people who hated him ever since the beginning 

4. Yoo Ah In's words seriously... He sets a good image when he acts, so I always forget how bad of a talker he is. He thinks that everything he says is true, yet never listens to others

5. Seriously why is he like that... It's true that he was the rude one there.. Does he want to win that bad..

6. I seriously hate Yoo Ah In 

7. This guy should just stay quiet for once

8. He's starting this again, he's totally the same from before..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Amazing 

9. I can't bring myself to support that guy 

10. Yoo Ah In started this first? Why is he acting up?

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