Noze's power trip controversy is once again on the chopping board

On the 14th, a new staff member who has previously worked with Noze onsite of an advertisement exposed her.  

A, who claimed to have been in a difficult situation at the side of the commercial filming with Noze in the past, said, "I used to like Noze a lot. But on the day we worked together, I 'left the fandom'. She gave me such a hard time. First of all, I had to be on my four legs in order to match the atmosphere on site." The staff also showed the proof that she was onsite of the advertisement shooting with Noze.
A claims that they were the filming assistant and said, "Noze isn't the first celebrity who gave me a hard time, so after hearing about (Noze's power trip controversy), I thought people would 'just brush it off'. But I never knew her power trip controversy would blow this big. She made the atmosphere so hard on the shooting set, she was so picky. She's like that typical archetype (t/n: picky celebrity)".

B also claimed, "One of my dongsaengs is a fan og Noze. Me too, I've heard of her before, but she made it so obvious when she hates something on the shooting set. She says it if she hates something, she acts sensitive and tells staffs to do it for her."

C, who ran a sponsorship program for Noze's Instagram, said, "Before the box office of Mnet's 'Street Woman Fighter', I sponsored Noze's team WayB and other dancers. However, Noze was the only person who never posted [my products]. After hearing what happened this time, I thought 'these habits of hers really didn't go anywhere'."

In this regard, iMBC Entertainment has contacted Noze's agency, Starting House, to confirm the facts, but has not been able to reach them.


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1. She definitely caught the celebrity's disease

2. I thought she became like that because she hit big, but seems like she's always been like that... Impressive...

3. Her celebrity's disease is severe, but ever since her power trip broke, the journalists' wording against her have been quite harsh 

4. Rather than catching the celebrity's disease, I just feel like she's always been like that. She was already acting that way even before SWF 

5. Wow celebrity's disease is scary 

6. No but just how much she thinks she hit that she caught such a big celebrity disease?

7. If her heart was as pretty as her face, she would've been totally likable 

8. Didn't she get any wake up call after seeing other celebrities caught with power trip controversies?

9. ??? What the? These are new accusations?

10. Ha I liked her but her actions on broadcast and in real life are so different that I'm still shocked.. 

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