Banner: The first Korean regular meeting. "Pi Coin"

This happened today(27th) at Parnas Hotel. They opened a large-scale NFT meeting 

As you can see, they're gathering elderly people who barely know how to use their smartphone and tricking them into emptying their retirement funds


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1. The country of scams... Even when they do this, they'll never get punished and will earn way more than usㅡㅡ

2. Our country is the perfect country for scammers, this doesn't only happens once or twice everyday 

3. As expected from the financially illiterate country...

4. Ah... this is crossing the line, doing this when elderly are in this state... 

5. I remember just last year, there were people who tricked elderly living in suburban areas into buying bitcoins.. I don't even know what type of bitcoin this is, but there are so many scams going around ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

6. My mom told me that you can get one of those Pi Coin for free everyday. And if you can earn 640 coins, it's only 0.64 won (0.0005$USD) this is a real scam... Just get rid of all of them right nowㅠㅠ

7. *Gasp*... what to do?ㅜ Is there a way we can all seriously stop this?? 

8. Do they really want to do this to elderly people's money?

9. Ugh looking at this people smiling on those pictures breaks my heart... Mankind is the worst..

10. My friend was freaking promoting Pi Coin to me and at first, I was planning to get some, but because it looked so cumbersome, I didn't end up doing it.. How can they do this to elderly people?

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