Recently, here has been a claim that Sunmi's 'Heart Burn ' was similar to Avril Lavigne's 'I Don't Give' released in 2002 on Youtube.

Netizens who saw the actual comparison video responded that the melody of the intro and chorus of the two songs were quite similar.

In this regard, the agency is checking the contents.


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1. But for real, it's a common melody..

2. How can you consider this plagiarism?

3. Looks like Sunmi is doing well, people are getting jealous of her 

4. It's not that similar though?

5. Nowadays, anything is considered a plagiarism. There are so many kids complaining about it, they're annoying to daethㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. No but even when Yoo Heeyeol's controversy started, I watched the Youtube video just for fun but there were so many f*cking weird videos made and all the comments were the same about how they were disappointed. The moment it sounds a little similar to the ear, they claim that it's plagiarism.

7. I just watched the Youtube videos and it's indeed similar. Not only the intro but also the melody line 

8. = The reason why wreckers online can earn money (t/n: wreckers: people who create cyberhate campaigns like Sojang) 

9. Stop abusing the word plagiarism 

10. This is so forcedㅋㅋ

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