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Is Joy for real?

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1. [+74, -1]
Isn't Red Velvet famous for being short? During their vacuum period, Pann b*tches were always dating on their height

2. [+68, -2]
Joy is 166, Seulgi is 160 or 161 and the other ones are all in the 150s

3. [+62, -2]
There's a reason why Joy always stands on the side..

4. [+35, -1]
Wow so there's a reason why Joy is always standing on the side. When she stands in the middle, you don't see anyone but Joy...

5. [+24, -0]
Don't use Joy to subtly hate on other members like that, Wendy and Seulgi are the angels among angels, and the moment Yeri breaths, she's turned into the biggest burden to her unnies. Now, the people are trying to swear at other members for the height comparison to Joy. It's not even funny anymore. Is Pann b*tches' specialty comparing members and hating on them with it? I bet you don't even listen to RV's songs

6. [+21, -16]
Meanwhile Yeri's clothes..ㅋ Jennie just wore something like that that was taken by paparazzi when she went to the US not long ago... Her neck is so short so it doesn't suit her

7. [+21, -0]
I always thought Joy was 170 but it's because the other members were so short

8. [+19, -30]
If not for their height, they'd be a perfect group

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