Fan: Oppa, I know how to play Airplane on piano! I'll teach you
V: Rather than the smell of a piano in local academies, have the grace and elegance in the master class of Chopin’s Piano Competition. I can’t accept a single mistake.

Fan: Local piano academy smell?..... Smell?.....ㅠ
You should be careful with your choice of words. BTS are people who have become influential in every aspect. 
A lot of musical students have graduated from small neighborhoods and are working hard and feel like it's worth it. 

And you're here talking about smell...
You should take responsibility over your words

t/n: Saw a few people confused in the comments from Yoo Ah In's post. Whenever people use the word "local" or "neighborhood aka:동내 (dong-nae), it could bare the connotation of something cheap/modest/rural/lower-class. And the fact that he's using it to imply something negative makes him come off as belittling lower class

original post: here

1. This guy too, it's not the first or second time that he's saying or done problematic things, but people are being so tolerant over him. Kang Daniel and Yoo Ah In getting criticized is the right thing to do, meanwhile, V has the magic to turn criticism into hate. What's different from this comment and the one from Yoo Ah In?ㅋㅋㅋ

2. Wow the empty brain level 

3. So this is what people were talking about....

4. I don't need to write much, all I'm going to say is that he uses words in such a cheap way 

5. He's not just dumb or made a tongue slip, V is known for talking nonsense without thinking and he never fixed that side of his... I feel like he got sworn at last time so he fixed himself for a while, but here he is again making the same mistakes

6. He always does stuff like that randomly which makes me unable to like him 

7. It's not the first or second time that V is thoughtless with words

8. The fans are always twisting this into some "He's receiving way more hate than he deserves" and "It's the akgaes doing" while complaining about the post going over 1000 comments, but do they not know that they're the reason why posts like that reach over 1000 comments? Do they not have any shame?

9. So today is the day we grab all celebrities by their hair 

10. So we're burying down the issue for BTS but not Yoo Ah In? Both V and Yoo Ah In made rude comments

11. Kang Daniel and Yoo Ah In both happened recently, yet you bring something that happened 2 years agoㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

12. Whether it's Kang Daniel, Yoo Ah In or V, once is fine, two or three times becomes an issue. Of course they deserve to be criticized, just how far are they going to go?

13. Seriously thoughtless

14. Fans can just shut up instead of shielding him if they want this to pass faster, but the fans are hear trying to reach 1000 comments by themselves

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