It even appeared on MBN news

IU said that she wanted to become a ''mature woman'' (t/n: the term "물기있는 여자" has the connotation of a woman who is 'of age', mature, and sensual)
When she was producing for Twenty-Three
The song became controversial because of her interpretation of a 5 y'o child
Thanks to her image making, she now turned into some quiet artist who's a donation angel and she's earning good money through the domestic charts.. 
But I can't forget this

"UI who produced 'Twenty-Three' Controversy over claims of being a lolita concept"

"I want to stay a child forever, no, I want to become a mature woman"

"Jeje is a kid who got hurt because of assault"
"It's regretful that he's being expressed wearing stockings"

"If you go to the exhibition hall, you'd find a notice saying "please don't touch the works." Why would they say to not touch the work? 
@XX What do you think of IU's Jeje and My Sweet Orange Tree being a big issue lately?"

- There are conflicting opinions on the interpretation of literary works

I wonder if with the current times, she'd still get a pass

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1. [+988, -43]
Before you guys start whining about this, think of whether that scene was even necessary in the first place. The content before and after all all talking about adults, but she's there dressed up as a baby, sucking on her milk bottle and pouring it on the doll, do you think that this scene was really that important that she had to include it? The scene could be harmful, she should've never done it 

2. [+929, -26]
The fact that the lyrics said 'I want to stay a child' and she appeared in a costume sucking on the bottle... Can you really say that this is the director's fault? She's talking about wanting to become a mature woman and she's suddenly pouring out milk on that baby? ㅋㅋ You really call that visualizing the lyrics?ㅋㅋ

3. [+919, -45]
She would be cancelled if she came out with this now

4. [+625, -12]
Whenever I look at IU, I realize how good her image making is

5. [+532, -7]
What's up with people saying that we didn't give her a pass? We should've been able to scrap 23's MV, remove Jeje from the digital charts and made her apologize back then. It's true that we gave her a pass

6. [+514, -12]
She received the hate that she deserved.. What's unfair about it?

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