Of course all of them went for consultation before getting lamination but it's such a dangerous surgery;; especially for idols who are minors, they must obtain the permission from their parents and the parents who agree to this are f*cking fascinating too. The companies requesting such procedures are weird tooㅋㅋ there are idols who are debuting while being in middle schools who had lamination too

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1. [+129, -2]
Rather, they should make trainees wear braces instead. If you look at the trainee time for an average trainee, once they debut, their braces period will be over

2. [+79, -15]
They are thrown out after 7 years anyways so they don't care about their lives

3. [+75, -23]
But they are earning money just fine so who cares.. if there was an issue, they can just get implants. Anyways, even if they have to change their laminated teeth a few times, they will already be old by that time so they will already be at the age of getting implants?

4. [+71, -22]
But for lamination, even a lot of commoners are getting them done

5. [+55, 0]
Teeth don't grow back like hair. Teeth are so important that having good teeth is considered a blessing. If you damage them, they are painful, uncomfortable and teeth are so important. So taking them lightly and just shaving them down for beauty purposes is too... Seeing how celebrities rely so much on their image really makes me think that they are just a product. So that's why seeing commoners shaving off their teeth or wearing hair pieces to make their hair fuller just give me a reality check. I wish that people would stop copying celebrities

6. [+37, -2]
NewJeans' Hyein is a '08 liner and seeing how her teeth are laminated already makes me worriedㅠ I know this isn't about my life but..

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