[teens stories] YERI TAKES A JAB AT SOJANG

She responded 1 day after the video was out!

video title: She caught the Jennie disease, Yeri's whereabouts giving up being an idol

"Yer-mu took a jab at Sojang..."

Yeri: That's right, I'll just do whatever I want to do!!!
Yeri: Actually I kinda pity them, the people who bring others down and make money on top of it...ㅋㅋㅋWe should just live our lives while focusing on our own life and live happily

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1. [+97, -10]
Honestly, to our eyes too, we feel that way, so imagine Yeri herself, how much more pity would she feel towards Sojangㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She debuted under a big agency, she's earning good money, meanwhile Sojang is trying to earn money by bringing her down.. 

2. [+50, -88]
So she's acknowledging that she caught the Jennie disease?

3. [+43, -5]
What a relief, she looks strong. Nowadays, there are too many posts hating on Yeri to the point it's weird.. I bet it's one person dumping them periodically

4. [+16, -7]
You again? Screw off, you psychopath 
"Yeri takes a jab at Sojang"
"Yeri taking a jab at Sojang is daebak"
"Yeri who took a jab at Sojangㄷㄷ"

5. [+10, -3]
Do big agencies have no power at all? Just sue Sojang already. Didn't Hybe announce last time that they would sue her? Looking at it, she's still swearing at Hybe and SM idols as if she has some mental disease. Agencies, sue that ajumma already

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