"You're not sure if they're dating? If you look up Jeno's Steam ID and Mina (Myoimo) are friends and if you look up machan0806, you can find NCT Jeno's LoL ID right away. He's been playing LoL with Mina since last yearㅋ" 
"Lee Jeno has been contacting female idols through gaming that's why he's never f*cking coming out from his house. Even when I'm staying in front of his f*cking dorms, he f*cking never comes out. That's why I couldn't tell he was dating"

They're both f*cking handsome and f*cking pretty, but the fans are denying that they suit each other...~

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1. [+33, -3]
But how in the world did they meet each other..?

2. [+18, -1]
Do kids who are asking how they met each other really don't know? You guys know that celebrities are f*cking good at making friendships right? Whether it's with other idols or with commoners

3. [+16, -0]
Sigh f*ck that's why people told him to not open an IG

4. [+10 ,-0]
They f*cking suit each other, Jeno isn't very popular with the general public and Mina also doesn't really have much buzz factor so people don't really know them 

5. [+8, -3]
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Where's the proof that this is Jeno's account 

[enter-talk] JENO'S FANS' DELUSION 

Ah they're f*cking funny 
Jeno-yah have a lovely relationship ^^

"There's a reason why Jeno is so popular. His personality is good, and he's doesn't do business gay performances. He doesn't smoke, and has no dating scandals. He treats everyone evenly and he's handsome. He's mannerly, he has tact and he doesn't disregard other people. Honestly, the majority of people who don't like NCT have Jeno as a 2nd bias. Moreover, not only the Beyond sales of this time, but even the previous Beyond sales, he was the overwhelming #1. You kids who aren't Jeno fans, don't get hurt, I'm sure your biases are exhilarating enough too" 

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1. [+61, -1]
But I'm not even exaggerating when I'm saying this, but this is the fundamentals when it comes to Jeno's fansㅠㅠ They love painting him into some large dog who is so innocent to the point I almost pity them 

2. [+49, -2]
This is what I've always wanted to say... Jeno fans need to sit down. He's one of the member with the biggest ship, meanwhile the fans like the pretend like he's some large innocent puppy and paint other members into some madman... If you know, you know

3. [+42, -0]
The last sentence was f*cking cringeㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+18, -0]
The fans always blame the cordi for dressing him like that, but as expected, this is straight up how Jeno likes to dress. The fans will literally have a seizure if anyone claims that Jeno isn't a Gryffindor, stop this habit already 

5. [+10, -0]
On top of it, he's the one who made the mistake this timeㅠ


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