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Celebrities are already at their career high and earn a f*cking lot more than commoners. Fans would buy albums for the first week of sales, streams their songs for the results' sake, vote for them for the sake of giving them an award and even if fans claim that all of this is part of their hobbies, they would say that they went on Weverse, Bubble, Twitter, Vlive, etc. "for the fans" but they can go on these platforms by simply clicking on their screens 1-2 times so I think that fans are putting way too much meaning into it. What's more is that there are fans who would ask others to be understanding if their bias hates their fans would also be the ones pouring money and time into them just to get some pretentious and fake attention. Don't they feel miserable for trying to deceive themselves?? It's ridiculous that all those stupid things become happiness when you're a fan

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1. [+172, -5]
The fact that consumers can pour their emotions into them isㅋㅋㅋDon' staffs f*cking look down on fans at concerts and fansigns?

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That's why I don't do any of those slave actions. To be honest, they must be earning freaking a lot just from me watching their videos on YT. People are bullsh*tting if they tell you to do so and so just because you're a fanㅋㅋ so strange

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People who realize this would fangirl cost-efficiently while people who don't realize this would say that this is "pure love" and would keep on doing those slave acts. Anyways, the latter isn't a healthier either. Is it normal to keep playing songs that you don't listen to just to raise their bias' ranking?

4. [+63, -1]
Even between guys and girls, if only one side is giving, people would call them fools so for fans to give all of this for a love that they will never receive but still call this "happiness" is just mental gymnastics

5. [+52, 0]
But it's fascinating. It's not that I'm not aware of this but I was honestly happy the whole time I was fangirling. I don't know why others' success made me happy but even when I was aware of this fact, I would join a fandom, start fangirling again, quit the fandom and do this repeatedly

6. [+46, -2]
Usually, when you love someone, you always want to give them everything. You can fangirl cost-effectively if you want

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