The 3 of the vocals are all good, in my opinion, Haechan is the top 
But regarding their rap, Mark is winning and Jeno isn't bad
but the other rappers are too severe..
If they played it safe, they could've been fine
but they suck so much that it makes me cringe and they make me feel like the song is ruined sometimes 

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1. [+76, -5]
Look at Jen-peu (t/n: Jeno fans) tsk tsk, aside from Mark, they're all a mess

2. [+70, -14]
Jaemin's tone is just not fit for rapping nor singing 

3. [+50, -51]
NCT's 4 tone deaf Johnny, Winwin, Jisung, Jaemin 

4. [+35, -5]
But I'm having the hardest time listening to him, for real, I don't have anything against him, but his nasally voice makes my insides turn upside down 

5. [+31, -6]
Jaemin's voice color is seriously so so..

6. [+26, -1]
NCT is indeed the group with the best rappers from SM... But seeing the hate, I realize that not all of their rappers are good. If you look overall, they have Taeyong, Mark, Jaemin, Jeno, Yang Yang, Hendery, and if we talk about people with ambiguous positions between rappers and singers, there's Yuta, Johnny, Winwin, Shotaro, and Jisung. The one who is definitely good here is Mark.  And the kids who are fine are Taeyong and Yang Yang, the rest are just your typical SM rappers

7. [+24, -7]
NCT are all so so in rap aside from Mark 

8. [+15, -0]
I think Jeno is so so, he's forcing too much to make his voice sound powerful 

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