"To you who is trapped not wanting to do anything the whole day"

- You just let everyday pass [passively] while going back and forth from your house to your work 
- You sleep later and later, and only wake up when the Sun is already in the middle of the sky
- All relationships are annoying and you prefer to be alone at home.
- You have no particular hobbies, and you stare at your smartphone all day, day and night.
- You get tired quickly and can't do anything for long.
- When you doze off, the moment you come back to your sense, the Sun has already set
- You're awkward and you're scared of conversing with people so you stumble with your words
- Your body and head don't react unless there's strong stimulation or compensation.

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"I just want to slack off in life, don't disturb me"

2. What should I do? If I quit my job, I wouldn't be living like that, but I will also have no money 

3. The moment you think that going back and forth from the house and the company is something trivial, you're already wrong. People who go to work diligently are the ones who help the country the most, why are you turning these people into some trash?

4. I think it's fine if you just live your life going between your house and your company. If you didn't do it and just stayed home all day, I think the rest of the list would apply to you even more. When you're out, just don't stare at your phone too much, look at the sunlight, and just walk recklessly, clear your mind, and you'll be able to see what's problematic in your life better so you can deal with whatever you can 

5. What do you want me to do aside from eating at home when I get back from work at 8pm?

6. If you work, no matter where you go, you'll become a slave to earn money...It's tough..

7. This is me, but is this what depression looks like?? I'm feeling hurt reading this

8. I actually don't even have the intention to change either..

9. Where do you want us to earn money otherwise?

10. But it's true that living like that is kinda boring

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