I'm not a fan of anybody and I just like listening to music 
I saw J-hope's stage and there were seriously so many people... His popularity also seems like a wall 
I know that they are talented, they have a good relationship between members and V and Jungkook are handsome 
I think that they have a combination that can definitely hit big, but right now BTS' career is just ridiculous (t/n: in a good way) 
We're not talking about fellow countrymen but it's fascinating to see our country's idol be this popular in other countries. It's as if our country stanning Japanese idols right? How can this even be possible?
I wonder since when they became such a f*cking wall?? I'm not bashing them, I'm just curious

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1. [+64, -24]
They built their career step by step and went from 1 to 10. They really take care of the fans and they're hard workers in their main job. First of all, their lyrics are philosophical and you can also relate to them. They're unique and if you look at their self-content everyone has a different personality, but their relationship isn't awkward no matter how you pair them. They're synchronized and they're always performing live so they are talented. They never expected to enter the market overseas but ARMYs from overseas got them to play on their country's radio and foreign Youtubers started reacting to their videos. Their content overseas gradually increased but it was a joint effort from the singers and the fans 

2. [+151, -36]
They're good performers

3. [+142, -29]
"BTS saved my life" isn't just some trivial words. They're telling their own story and the fans are getting comforted by them. They are right what we need in this industry and this time. And just like you saw at Lollapalooza, they're also a wall when it comes to live performance

4. [+71, -11]
To people who are in their 60s and 70s, BTS represents their shining youth that has passed, for the 40s and 50s, they represent the passion that they forgot they had, for the 20s and 30s, they're the comfort in the dim life. And to the teens, they're just the wall and the embodiment of what an idol they can look up to is. Their existence is perfect

5. [+48, -1]
Their story telling + They're good on stage + They destroyed the image of the weak Asian man. And overseas, they don't care about your songs if your lyrics aren't meaningful, but when BTS entered US and they became rising stars, the media and the industry realized that they were different than the factory-punched idolsㅇㅇ But seriously BTS' lyrics and the way they're able to project themselves makes it f*cking easy for us to immerse in them. Whenever they comeback, people pay a lot of attention to their lyrics all across the world. And the reason why their albums are selling this well is because their story telling is organic

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