They said they'd feed the ATINY at IAC 
They gave sandwiches as appetizers
And as a main menu, they gave a lunchbox with fruits, tofu sushi, meatballs, bacon rolls, etc. 
For dessert, they gave cupcakes, and a f*cking large coffee & chocolate drinks. They also gave a f*cking large fried chicken box
Are they even real... 
Did they just use IAC to act like gentlemen preparing a full course meal??ㅜㅜ"

"ATEEZ prepared a hot pack because ATINY hates the cold"

"The Universe's warmest ATEEZ hot pack"

"ATEEZ heart becomes the hottest towards ATINY"

"The temperature of the hot pack for ATINY  is the same temperature as ATEEZ's hearts when thinking about ATINY"

First of all, before entering, they were handing out hot packs

It looks like the 8 members all prepared a different ment to be put on the hot packs

After the fans are seated on their fan seat, they handed out 2 sandwiches + 1 mil + message card

Not even 3 hours after you age in the morning, they already started distributing the lunch 
First of all, this isn't just a lunchbox, but a support lunchbox + water + message card

Once you came back to your sense, it's already snack time

2 types of cakes (choco or strawberry) + 2 kinds of drinks (americano/choco) + message card

At this point, the fans even started thinking 'Are they trying to raise us like cattle?'ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Lastly, they gave 1 person 1 friend chicken + cola + message card and it confirmed the cattle raising rumors

Even fandoms near us were saying stuff like "Again?"

The fried chicken would've been enough for 3~4 people... 

For reference, the members all drew those drawings that went on top of the food and they also wrote the messages
The message cards' contents were all different too 


This is how the fans were taken care of, and the omurice was just a joke because in one of their songs' lyrics mentioned 'Omurice that you can't bare" 

Aside from that, they also handed out Mernel signed posters, coupons for Soba for 2, and for the people who attended their esports recording, they gave them KFC and they gave them pictures too 

And ATEEZ are also coming back on Friday... They don't have that much time left so they ended up handing out some food couponsㅠㅠ
They're idols who love their fans, it's sad to see them getting bashed like that

By the way, the member who wore the luxury bucket hat, it was a gift for his birthday. The Rolex was bought by their CEO. He doesn't wear anything else aside from his clothes. Even his phone, it's a phone that another member used and gave to him. He's a frugal kid 

+ tribute on August 2nd 

The members even drew the drawings themselves

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1. [+64, -4]
Starting from Thursday, ATEEZ had a showcase, a music show recording, a fansign, a radio show, content shooting. Their schedules are packed. They can't even sleep properly but they're interacting with the fans so well ta IAC and treating them so well. Are those people fan antis? People claiming they don't love their fans are seriously reaching to hate

2. [+59, -3]
Even during their debut days, they went on IAC and received their power trip, aside from Jongho, nobody's face even appeared once on camera, and you could hear people telling them to screw off outside. I bet they hate going to IAC themselves, but they're here preparing photocards, writing postcards ,giving packs of masks, Milkis, etc. not only omurice, they're taking care of the fans for this and that and but they just wanted to make the fans laugh because the omurice was a pun with their song. Why are other people swearing at them? I can't understand. 
"coupon for omurice you can't bare"
OP: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ateez is giving coupons for omurice that you can't bare

3. [+51, -2]
Just why would you lie and fabricate things just to get idols sworn at? 
(comment talking about the Rolex being a company gift, that the iPhone he has in 2022 was used by another member in 2019) 
- I need to go to Japan
- Ah right, today, I received a bucket hat from Hongjoong hyung and the CEO bought me a watch. I'll wear them prettily! 
Hongjoong hyung's sense is straight my style. 
Bucket hats are the best <3
- I'll also being Sunghwa hyung's shoes so I can wear there

4. [+29, -47]
I knew that this would happen, this was done by ARMY

5. [+24, -1]
They have their comeback in 4 days and they can't even sleep properly. I'm sad that ATEEZ and KQ employees are getting sworn at for nothing. They're so pitiful. They're busy to death meanwhile they can't even eat properly themselves. They just wanted to make the fans smile because their 'omurice you can't bare' became a trend among the fans and they prepared omurice coupons in a hurry. After IAC ended, they gave fans mask packs and Milkis. During the Esports event, they even gave them KFC coupons that they printed cutely and even other group's fans got jealous of them. At this point you're just saying anything if you claim that they don't have love towards their fans. They've always been famous for their love for their fans and they haven't changed

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