They f*cking picked the ones where his face shined through

He's just advertising with his face and aura at this point..
I'm looking forward to the song. Jaehyun's Try Again was so good too and a lot of celebrities recommended this 
Forever Only will drop on August 18th 6PM, please give the digital release a lot of attentino

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1. [+54, -1]
We seriously need to give SM an award for this one

2. [+53, -1]
He's seriously has that unique sexy? drowsy? aura

3. [+51 ,-1]
I'm touched that he's been preparing this while being sick.. It looks like Jaehyun really wanted to sing. He's a vocalist, but he's always given rap parts, it's so upsetting because he wants to singㅠㅠㅠ Looks like he listened to the fans' hearts. I won't care about the results and just repeat this all day long 
"My pain got a bit better, I'm living my days fully everyday. If I had to give a spoiler for the solo, first of all, I'm also looking forward to it a lot and I'm singing ;)"

4. [+45 -0]
Jaehyun even composed and wrote and arranged his song in their concert and he even did the performance... He's a visual member, but he's full of talents. How can you not love him?

5. [+45, -0]
I Like Me Better is almost at 90M views, I feel like we'll be having this kind of aura. Or something similar

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