"But how popular was SNSD?"

People say that SNSD were freaking amazing during Gee-Genie promotions? Are they like Twice right now?"

- Our country's girl group market used to chew on boy groups. SNSD's Gee, Genie, etc. at that time, they beat all the boy groups. A girl group, SNSD, was chewing on them. At that point, there were no groups who could win over SNSD. Actually, Twice and RV are indeed top girl groups right now, but they can't win over groups like EXO and BTS. However, in SNSD's prime time, they were able to eat boy groups alive

- They're at least a few times bigger than Twice. Even the moment they released their teaser, they would crash Naver portalㅋㅋㅋ

- So the generation who doesn't know SNSD has come... They were amazing, there were no advertisement they didn't do 

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1. If we're talking purely based on results, SNSD's physical and digital sales were both #1 in the yearly record

2. Even the neighborhood's grandmas knew what Gee from SNSD was. It was such a mega hit

4. They were such a wall that it makes people wonder if we'll ever have a group like that 

5. The reason why SNSD were amazing: both me and my oppa were fangirling on them ...ㅋ

6. SNSD were the one top, their public recognition was insane. Right now, even people in their 30s still know about SNSD's songs and they know practically all the members' names 

7. There are still no other groups who appeared with as much public recognition as SNSD

8. The individual member and the group had recognition despite the audience's gender. SNSD were legendaryㅋㅋㅋ

9. The group with the best public recognition 

10. You can't even compare them with Twiceㅋㅋ First of all, the indicators have changed now but if we compare in terms of national syndrome, SNSD wins

11. They took the spot when WG went to promote in the US and they became the one top 

12. They're the best girl group and the first girl group to receive a daesang for digital and physical sales

13. It's to the point where people know all the names of the members

14. They're the only group with members that my mom can recognize entirely 

15. SNSD sold f*cking well physically, they seriously chewed on everyone 

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