T/N: YGX got into a controversy and faced heavy backlash for making a caricature of NewJeans' Hype Boy dance (covered here)

On August 25th, Park Hyun-se uploaded a post on his Instagram saying, “First of all, I want to say I’m really sorry.”

“I jokingly filmed the ‘Hype Boy’ challenge of NewJeans, and I reacted sensitively to the comments, making rash judgments and mishandling the situation. I am ashamed that I have caused inconvenience to many people due to my personal actions,” he said, “The uploaded video did not intend to demean the choreographer of ‘Hype Boy’ or NewJeans, and anyone related to it.” 

Regarding the title of the video that has the word “New Jintatsu” (roughly translated as New Losers), he explained, “I want to say that it refers to the four of us in the video and not anyone else.”

After that, he apologized, “I sincerely apologize to NewJeans, the choreographers, NewJeans fans, and everyone who are upset after watching the video.”

Park Hyun-se added, “I’m really sorry to YGX members, YGX fans, Street Man Fighter-related people and dancers who were affected by my rash behavior. I will be careful not to let this happen in the future, and I will always keep in mind that my personal action does not affect just myself. I’m sorry,” he added.

Earlier, a team of male dancers, including Park Hyun-se, uploaded a cover video of NewJeans’ “Hype Boy” through a video-sharing platform.

In the video, the dancers drew criticism for their exaggerated body movements with the caption that said “New Losers.” Currently, the video has been deleted.

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1. To be honest, it's already shocking that he uploaded the dance himself on his SNS but the fact that he was replying to the NewJeans' fans in the comments who showed their discontentment like "yep!" was even more so-so... It would've been fine if he apologized right away but he's only doing it now that articles and community sites made a fuss about it...ㅎ

2. Hyunse-sshi, please don't act like this in the future...ㅠㅠ

3. He's so thoughtless... but seeing how they called them "losers" is uhm...
> It's not just that, there were already a lot of people calling them out for the caricature dance alone

4. Wow they took NewJeans' name and turned it into what?

5. Stop apologizing saying that it wasn't your intention. Just apologize and goㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. I never watched SMF compared to SWF... maybe because it created 0 buzz..?

7. He was fighting with the fans and now he's apologizingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ funny

8. That guy is 28 y.o... why is he fighting with the fans like that?ㅎ

9. I danced the dance for my job, it wasn't my intention to berate and make a caricature of other people's work~

10. Even the way he apologizes makes he seem like a loser

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