It's the people who don't know when to end their sentence. They would say everything in f*cking 3-4 sentences in a row and makes you wonder why they would say everything at once when they can cut it down into smaller sentences.

This morning, I woke and and was eating breakfast. Then my mom called me so I answered her and she was like "why did you wake up late? I was in a bad mood so I went out early in the morning. But since it's hot outside, I got even more annoyed. But there was AC in the bus so it was fine"

It's more or less people who talk like this

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I write posts just fine but when I talk, I just end up rambling. I can always edit a post but when I talk with someone, I have to answer them so I can't speak well

2. [+110, -2]
I find people who cannot get to the point the most annoying. When I ask about A and they talk about B, it's f*cking frustrating

3. [+72, -34]
Ah for real. When people connect over 2~3 sentences together, it makes me wonder if they never learn? Just why would they use their sentences like that.

4. [+66, -4]
I think that you're either born a good speaker or not... If you talk with students who read a lot of books and who have the best grades, a lot of them are not that good at talking. But then again, the way they write is excellent. And there are also people who are lacking in knowledge but who have outstanding speaking skills

5. [+54, -2]
Also, the people who keep talking for a long time about useless thing and who always have something to say... I'm talking about myself...

6. [+21, -1]
Ah seriouslyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅠㅠ I wish that people like this would write down all their sentences and read them themselves... they can rearrange them before sending them out no?ㅠ If they are bad at talking, then they should just get to the point. Talking to kids like that makes me so mad

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