Big Mouse Lee Jongsuk 

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1. F*cking agree, Lee Jongsuk, let's walk on the Daesang's road

2. I agree, his crazy laughing acting was so crazy 

3. I'm an Lee Jongsuk fan but I'm a bit anxious Alchemy of Souls and The Good Detective's viewerships are rising really high this week... Big Mouse's viewership drops, Lee Jongsuk will be the only one who will get sworn at 

4. F*cking agree, this is the one top drama. Of course, there are no acting holes and everyone is good but his aura is a wall. He's seriously that good 

5. For real, this drama is Lee Jongsuk's genre. He freaking shocked me. He made me feel like his acting has skyrocketed

6. SBS Fri-Sat / Again my life 12%
SBS Mon-Tues / Business Proposal 11.6%
MBC Fri-Sat / Big Mouse 11.2%
People keep pushing the narrative that MBC has no dramas that hit big this year, but they're #3 in terms of mini series this year. On top of it, they're still broadcasting right now and even if it wasn't from MBC, the drama would've hit big anywhere else

7. I agree. Lee Jongsuk is so good, but the post really showed us nothingㅋㅋ There are so many other scenes where Lee Jongsuk's acting explodedㅋㅋㅋ

8. So this would be the second time Lee Jongsuk is receiving a Daesang?? Wow daebakㅋㅋㅋ But wouldn't that mean that it's the first time someone at Lee Jongsuk's age is receiving it?

9. I agree I agree, he's f*cking good..

10. I knew he was good but he was seriously legendary in ep.8. Please you guys must watch it 

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