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1. Why is her makeup like that... What a shame ㅠ

2. She doesn't suit it 

3. What's up with her brows?

4. Only the last picture looks like Wonyoungㅜㅜㅜ She seriously looks so pretty in green 

5. From the makeup to the expressions, it's all a bit... She looks way prettier in her natural self, and she's too pretty but whenever she shoots photoshoots, I feel like she's always overdoing her expressions a bit.. 

6. At this point, they're purposefully doing her makeup like that.. I don't think this is what the photoshoot was supposed to look like 

7. Did Jang Wonyoung always have those baby hair... I've never seen her like that, is this purposefully done..? It's not goodㅠㅠ

8. Wonyoungie is becoming so big, our babie maknae!!!!!

9. I feel like her hair and makeup suits the ad, she's pretty 

10. What's up with those browsㅠㅠ

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