Nowadays, they're idols who've been on Korean music shows a lot
They're from a Japanese company and all the members are Japanese
They're a Japanese girl group called XG

Their Youtube views are daebak 
And all the comments are in English

They also shoot their MVs KPOP style
(their MV director and staff were all Koreans)

They even took pictures on their way to music shows

They went on all the Korean music shows

They also shoot dance choreography videos like KPOP idols 
(Their choreographer is MayJ Lee, and Sienna Lalau who is famous for choreographing for BTS)

Their music style is so KPOP 
(Their producer and composers are KPOP composer JAKOPS and Korean rappers Wutan and Hwanji)

They're good at both singing and dancing.
They've been receiving intense KPOP training in Korea for 5 years...

They also interact with fans on Weverse

Their unique trait

1. However, they're JPOP
"They're just using Korean producers, they're not KPOP"

2. Their team name is XG and their concept is similar to BlackPink's 
They even had to clarify that they're not from YG

3. But somehow, they converse with each other in Korean
On June 2022, member Juria said that when the members talk to each other, they only do it in Korean 

4. This is XG's reaction when fans asked whether they had role models
(t/n: the captions said that they hesitated to answer and kept looking at each other when the question was asked. In the end, they said they have no role models) 

5. The comments made by the chairman of XG
"It's a project that I produced together with Korean producers, but they're not part of a Korean label. All of XG members are Japanese. They're not KPOP, rather, they're more like the US. The Korean producers only 'participated'."

"Why should we lose to Korea? Japan can do it too"

"At first, there was a singer named BoA who came to Japan and she hit big in Japan first right? 
This side (Japan) is losing, but we have prepared a team thoroughly with Korean producers this time"


+ Its's the same company as Kep1er's Hikaru 

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1. Their MV only has 20M views, is that considered daebak..?

2. Oh~ Good for them~ So they don't have to continue promoting in Korea anymore~ Just promote in Japan~

3. Why would they speak in Korean? 

4. It's because lots of foreigners believe they're from YGㅎ... They're seriously trying to ride off KPOP's back 

5. It's seriously my first time seeing them, where did they hit daebak?

6. Isn't the post kinda trying to put them down..? But it's true that they haven't hit daebak yetㅋㅋㅋ

7. Why are Japanese kids using Korean? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋAre they trying to fool us?????

8. I'm just dumbfounded that they pretend to be from YG

9. As an idol stan, it's my first time hearing about them 

10. They hit daebak....? Oh... For real, they look like K-dols

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