"ATEEZ's notice on the progress of legal actions related to malicious YouTubers"

Hello, this is KQ Entertainment. 

We would like to notify that yesterday (August 16), KQ Entertainment filed a lawsuit against a YouTuber who posted malicious content regarding our artist ATEEZ for violation of Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection laws, including slander, defamation of character, interference of business and violation of copyrights. All materials pertaining to this case have been submitted as evidence.

This YouTuber not only publicized exaggerated content as if the content were based on factual information, but also personally benefited from such malicious activity. In particular, this YouTube channel demeaned the love and support of fans toward ATEEZ, and thus KQ Entertainment had no choice but to respond with strict legal action.

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1. This person has been tormenting idols for years living her life like that, isn't it time for her to go to jail?

2. Just looking at her thumbnails, I get disgusted... And we're only suing her for the first time now? She probably earned so much money now, I don't think a petty fine will change her 

3. She seriously purposefully picks on companies she knows will not sue her back, meanwhile, she's earning so much money from Youtube to the point people are even speculating she has earned enough to just pay the fine for a settlement. Seriously she sets everyone up and she acts like those trolls you see in communities. Seriously we need to ruin her 

4. She needs to get an actual prison sentence. We can't just hand her a petty fine to pay, Do you even know how much money she was able to earn all this time... People can swear at her all they want, but they'll still watch her videos and she gets so many views... Seriously this is hopeless...

5. Spreading false rumors is no different from crimes..

6. I hope the kids who leave comments on her channel also get sued..

7. If we simply sue her, nothing will change. We need to sue the commenters who are spreading those rumors around too 

8. Seriously we need a law to deal with this. Kids who spend their time doing vicious things like that need an actual prison sentence

9. No but she's been doing this for years and she's been in lawsuits with how many companies already? She's not someone you can just stop by giving her a fine 

10. Seriously what kind of person is she???

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