(ED = Eoddae)
"How are we (eoddae)? We're good!"

"We're EODDAE!"

E.Jo (ED): Our crew's color is girlish and we're good at making performances

Quanz (ED): We participated in a lot of female artists' choreographies

Ted (ED): We focus on strong feminine style 

Ted (ED): Our strength is that we can use our body in a sexy way 

BGB: So they were men 

Kim Pyong Ya: They're kinda like the male LaChica?

Inseon: I don't want to look at this! 

Inseon: They're kinda repulsive

Door: Ugh .. XX!

"Ahh.. (mistake)"

Trix: I lost my eyes/threw my eyes away

Kinky (ED): Please keep losing them ~

Trix: If I speak, I might swear, so I won't say anything 

Choi Youngjun: I find this kind of style a bit uncomfortable 

Choi Youngjun: I can't watch it anymore

Knucks: If a man says they're girlish 

Knucks: They should at least be able to pull off dances more sexily and have more flexibility than women

Knucks: But actually, they're not giving anything

Knucks: It kinda feels like a flat tire

Ingyu: There's nobody who can really represent girlish (in the crew)

Ingyu: I want to tell them that they really look easy (to beat) 

Ingyu: They're giving nothing! 

Ingyu: They said they shot 릴*나(?)

Ingyu: I feel like they must be scared inside?

Ingyu: (copying Eoddae) "Ugh I'm scared!"

Ingyu: Honestly, Eoddae is nothing 

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1. Kids, please don't take the bait from Mnets~

2. Please don't get immersed too much in these shows, the broadcast wants you to be pissed off. Have you never watched Mnet? They're just trying to create a buzz

3. But this will only get Eoddae more attention and fans. 
Let Mnet do their thing and wait to judge in their first battle, it won't be too late
I also felt like that during SWF 
I also didn't know Eoddae before that, but I want to support them now
They look innocent so of course they'll become the easy target (of course I could be wrong)

4. I just saw the full version and I feel like seeing a comment section filled with hate commentsㅋㅋ.. They're really hating on each other, all of them

6. Of course you have to blame it on the editing, but calling them 'repulsive' is seriously so so 

7. But I feel like Kinky really got hurthㅠ He looked self-conscious 

8. But the "repulsive" and "throw my eyes out" comments were a bit harsh... 

9. No matter how much you claim that this is evil editing, their word choices can't be real ?

10. This has to be scripted. Choi Youngjun is claiming he can't watch them anymore here, meanwhile he made a girl group choreography on Produce 101 

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