If this was in present day, he would be considered a 04'er. Isn't this crazy?

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1. [+57, -5]
I can't believe he was still a minor, he was so good, but when you look at his face alone, he did look young

2. [+49, -7]
This is an aura you can only get when you're still underage 

3. [+45 ,-12]
Meanwhile he was freaking handsome 

4. [+30, -0]
This was Kai was he was 19 when he was doing Calvin Klein ads even before debuting as a model. And even after he debuted, they made Kai model for them as EXO Kaiㅋㅋ

5. [+22, -0]
EXO Kai at Calvin Klein when he was 19 y'o was legendary. This is a high schooler

6. [+21, -0]
Seriously he did so well, I can acknowledge his affiliation to Calvein Klein

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