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1. The song is so good, even with only the audio the song is satisfying 

2. The song takes me back to the old days of KPOP... It's freaking nice 

3. It's a bit hit or miss, but I totally liked it. Every time I hear artists from that company and watch their MVs, I always feel like Starship's MV quality is lacking compared to the song quality. Especially for Ive. Now that they're definitely successful and that they're still rookies, they should invest more in them 

4. The song was so so at first but now I keep thinking about yoo~hoo~

5. The song is so good, it's so addictive

6. I don't like retro ugh... And I don't even hear the sampling either... Love Dive was such a masterpiece that my expectations were too high. Although I feel like this will do well with the general public

7. Maybe because I'm a grandma but I loved the song ㅋ

8. The song is clearly good, it's just that my expectations were too high from the previous song that it couldn't keep up with the expectations... Just like the person above said, the chorus was the best part of the song, but the rest was so so and the MV felt too much and I couldn't concentrate.. I'm curious to see the stage

9. Compared to their previous song, this was just okay.. The camera is all over the place and the editing was weird

10. This was insanely good Ive are certified bops❤️

11. What the? This gives me the 90s vibe, I love it so much!

12. When I listened to the teaser, I thought 'this is it!!' but this feels lacking..Hmm.. Maybe because their previous work was too good..

13. Yoohoo~~~~~😘

14. The song is so my style but the sampling broke the flow in my opinion, just why must they include it...?

15. No but it's retro and hip and countrified at the same time... It has that 2000~2010 countrified vibe? I'm shocked


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1. They picked a song that was too safe....

2. I don't feel like there's anything memorable about it 

3. Wow I love it too much 

4. Why does the intro and the chorus sound like completely different songs?

5. The kids are all too prettyㅠㅠㅠㅠ The song is too good too, Ive's songs are so easy to listen to I love itㅋㅋㅋ 

6. Wonyoung's voice is too whiny in the chorus but the more I replay it, somehow the more I dislike the song... Eleven and Love Dive were all so good so this is a shame 

7. No but Gaeul had no parts in last song and the previous one, but this time, she has no parts at all again

8. Ahn Yujin and Jang Wonyoung are pretty and they're good at singing too, but they're seriously so good live 

9. The rap seriousy gives me KPOP vibe from the pastㅋㅋㅋㅋ I freaking love itㅠ And Leeseo's dance is good too 

10. Yujin's voice is so good! But the camera is a bit... dizzyㅠ My eyeballs are 

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