Jennie-V video call

Jisoo and Lisa's selca

Jennie and Rose's selca not even a few days ago in NY

The cat who is living in Jennie and her mom's main house with V

Jisoo and Lisa at the airport 2 days ago

People are saying that both Lisa and Jennie are getting hacked right now

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1. [+408, =2]
BP's phones seem all unsafe right now, they should make their iCloud safer

2. [+338, -1]
BP phones are all getting hacked..

3. [+267, -2]
But the pictures that are getting leaked are freaking scary... Does the hacker even know they're committing a crime right now...

4. [+201, -1]
What's up with people who claimed that iPhone's security was stronger and freaking ignoring Samsung 

5. [+122, -8]
Seeing how he's laying side by side with his girlfriend's and her mother's cat inside her main house... There's no more words needed. They're in a deep relationship. I bet they call him Mr. Kim in Jennie's house

6. [+119, -26]
But BP's members relationship does seem great, I'll join the fandom 

7. [+117, -8]
Ugh no matter how famous and how much money you earn, I honestly don't envy this kind of life... They have no private lives. It's just scary and it gives me creeps

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