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- Audience score
- Physical score
- social media score

congrats congrats

Twice has been on the digital chart for 3 days but they did a Friday release

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1. Why are their digital results so different?

2. Are Twice's digital points that low?

3. Wow look at how balanced the scores are ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. The proof there's a shift in generation 

5. Ive sold 900K albums yet they only had this much physical points? Maybe Twice are selling more

6. But Ive has been out for 1 week and Twice only 3 days, what  did they fill up their broadcast points with?

7. You~hoo Twice's song is good too. Fighting to both 

8. Wow you can achieve 6000 points in broadcast even after coming back for barely 3 days? It's almost like Ive's points were such a wall that they tried to compensate somewhere else

9. Twice are nominated for #1 the moment they came back, they did well and are f*cking pretty 

10. How is JYP getting so much broadcast points all the time...? I'm curious..

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