All 4 of them looked so pretty today.. Personally, as a eolbba (fan of visuals).. I was a fangirl of jisoo but Jennie is f*cking pretty too 

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If you saw what they did with Jennie's hair last time on Inkigayo, they gave her sucha  weird haristyle and outfit. Nobody said anything at that point, but people are going crazy now because she finally got a normal styling 

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I was so dumbfounded when those f*ckers in the comments were always going about how Jennie gets the best outfitsㅋㅋㅋㅋ If you look at Jimmy's show, only Jennie got a f*cking weird outfit, she looked like a peacock with her clothes and she didn't even have a hairstyle

3. [+58, -97]
It looks like they only f*cked Jisoo and Rose over with those outfits. Lisa has the best outfit here and Jennie is the one who dolled up the most. This is why people call her the only daughter of YG. Even in the lbum, they gave Jennie so many parts tsk. Even my friend who listened to BlackPink's album said that it felt like Jennie's solo featuring the other members

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Their hair makeup were all good but this is only because we're lucky. I really need to sue that hair makeup artist

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There's always going to have one member who has a better outfit than another member on some days and on other days, some members will look prettier than some others. But at the end of the day, they're all wearing similar outfits. I see so many comments about how they only push Jennie, but honestly, I don't know. Even when other members ahve posts on Pann about them shooting pictorials, I feel like they're all pretty even;; This time too, with the new song, Jennie and Lisa only had 5 seconds so it's nonsense to say that Jennie is the one who gets pushed the most

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? But Lisa has the best oufit here;; 

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