Wow... He's the first one being mentioned and this wasn't even his individual photoshoot, but they mentioned him first. He hasn't started his full-scale promotions yet, but this is solid... Chanel seriously seems to treasure GD.. Daebak 

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1. [+166, -8]
He's the only Asian muse for Chanelㅇㅇ He's on a different level from other ambassadorsㅋㅋ GD is a muse and an ambassador 

2. [+156, -7]
Karl Lagerfeld really seems to treasure him... Even when Chanel doesn't have anything else but clothes for women, he was the first Asian muse for him. He also influenced Karl a lot and he got praised a lot as an artist. Chanel is Kwon Jiyong

3. [+150, -8]
GD isn't just a KPOP idol, he makes his own songs and produces them. He's an artist through and through. Let's admit this 

4. [+136, -6]
He's the first Asian ambassador and muse for Chanel. What a pride

5. [+108, -4]
Chanel even released a GD playlist

6. [+79, -0]
Chanel's Weibo update.. They only put GD's photo in color. And they said that the artist they treasured the most was GD in an interviewㅜㅜ Seriously he's Kwon Chanel 

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