I feel like I woke up from a dream
To be honest, clicking 'follow' on Instagram isn't actually a big deal?
It's something that can happen but why am I getting so turned off?
He suddenly started communicating so much with fans and it's annoying how obvious his intentions are
He would've been better off if he just did what he usually does... He occasionally would come on Bubble in a rush, write once before disappearing. But now, he even wrote a post in the fanclub where he's never been before and is coming on Bubble almost every day.
Seeing this doesn't look pretty but just seems fake.
He should come as often normally too. If he can come so often now, then why wasn't he coming all this time? I reserved tickets for their 2 days concert but my feelings can't recover

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1. [+112, -8]
I agree with everything in the post. It's just too obvious how he's trying to appease the fans because of his fast click. He's not actually coming on Bubble to converse with the fansㅎ Because ever since they got a LYSN account, he hasn't been coming for years to communicate with the fans. Has he ever voluntarily started a live like the maknae? Has he ever written any post to see the fans in the fanclub? Does he even go often on Bubble? I saw his fast click and was confused because it as so dumbfounding and I'm also going to the concert OP-yahㅜ It's not the the point of making me want to cancel my ticket. First of all, I like Dream so I'm going

2. [+106, -7]
Wow you're thinking the f*cking same thing as me. I also rather him just stay still and not go on Bubble ㅠ because he never went on the app, it just feels like he's too conscious now and that I'm too conscious of it oo

3. [+103, -6]
If all this time he came by himself and treated his fans nicely, nobody would've said anything

4. [+65, 0]
No butㅋㅋ thinking about it, if he has the time to game until 5 AM, then he has the time to write on LYSN. Seeing how he's only coming now is too funnyㅋ

5. [+56, -1]
For real. Ever since that incident, I got a strange feeling seeing how he increased the amount of interactions

6. [+49, 0]
Seeing how he's quickly communicating so much doesn't make me feel happy but instead makes me wonder how long he's gonna maintain this

7. [+42, 0]
He was kinda famous for being a non-scandalous member who's been pretty clean and a lot of his fans stanned him because of this so that's why the fans are even more shocked and keep thinking about it... I also feel the same. I didn't even watch his Villain stage today..

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