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She surpassed AhnYoungz and is #1 in terms of viewsㄷㄷ She'll blow up if they increase her parts in the next comeback

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Twice, thrice, don't ask me again~

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Twice, thrice, don't ask me again You know what my strength is? It's that I'm honest~

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That's what I've been saying. Seriously, Gaeul has been my one pick ever since they debutedㅠ I hope they give her more partsㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+20, 0]
Gaeul is the embodiment of 'the lucky one will always be successful'.. she had the smallest parts ever since they debuted but she's super popular, has a pretty voice color that's addicting so anything she sings sounds interestingㅇㅇ

5. [+20, 0]
Guys love Gaeul. Yujin and Gaeul are the two-tops when it comes to male-picks

6. [+14, 0]
She somehow wasn't popular at first.. isn't their a "rule" that says that if you're not popular at first, you'll remain unpopular..? In my opinion, Gaeul is f**cking interesting. At this rate, I would believe you if you told me that Starship purposely didn't make her stand out at first

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