You can also add Saint-Laurent and Ambush to this list

"Invitation/sponsorship from luxury brands
2021/6 Invitation+sponsorship to PRADA SS22 showcase
2021/7 Invitation+sponsorship to Celine Homme Summer 21 showcase
2021/8 4 solo covers for Balenciaga's brand collab for Dazed Magazine
2021/10 Invitation+sponsorship to Balenciaga S22 Paris Fashion Week showcase
2021/11 Invitation+sponsorship to Valentino Vlogo library
2021/11 Participation to Balenciaga X Gucci collection
2022/1 Invitation+sponsorship to PRADA FW22 showcase
2022/5 Invitation+sponsorship to PRADA Tropica pop-up store opening event
2022/5 Ambassador for Salvatore Ferregamo's perfume line
2022/6 Invitation+sponsorship to PRADA SS23 showcase"

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1. [+107, -11]
But the reason why it was impossible for him not to succeed is because his physical and visuals have that unique aura and he's just legendary... He feels like the kind of person that people over there would like...

2. [+104, -18]
To be honest, if Juyeon went to a big company, he would've already hit bigger than he does right now

3. [+89, -11]
The editor from Dazed said it themselves no? That the people over there really like his kind of visual and that all of the staffs remembered his face. Anyways, they praised him a lot. I think that he takes care of people well

4. [+85, -105]
? You guys are treating this plastic surgery dude as if he was on the same level as Cha Eunwoo and I'm gonna puke. What "miracle of a mid-sized company?". He's tone deaf when it comes to singing too..Also, how is Kakao a mid-sized agence? They are shoving him in all the variety that they can... They even used Yoo Jaesuk to promote him but he flopped so he became the one-top amle idol with fans who are overrating him in an oba way. Every night, his fans would bash Younghoon and Hyunjae while overrating Jyeon but even so, nobody knows who he is and he can't get any attention. Isn't he that kind of idol??

5. [+74, -12]
It's unrelated but I wanna see him in real life. I wonder how handsome he is that Yoo Jaesuk gave him high praises for his looks when he saw him in the washrooms

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