Victon Heo Chan will halt promotions and they will continue as 5 members

The label said, "After the investigation, he is expected to be subject to the cancellation of his license... Currently, Heochan is deeply regretful and deeply remorseful for making a mistake he should never have made. He also cannot help but feel sorry to fans and many officials for causing this issue. Heochan plans to suspend his team and individual activities after today."

Heochan also apologized on Instagram, stating, "I feel the pain and disappointment I've caused you from this incident, and I repent deeply. I will bear in mind all the accusations and rebukes for this irreversible behavior and live with deep reflection to become a person who is not ashamed of himself in the future."

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1. Huh? I thought he'd get obviously kicked out but he's just going on hiatus? Seriously they didn't wake up...

2. DUI is attempted murder, what hiatus? Kick him out

3. ㅋ.... Chan-ah he fans have been waiting for the concert, why couldn't you sink that in your head and went out to do those nonsense action? Seriously you must've reached some kind of Nirvana

4. What a freaking disappointment wow 

5. They're Apink's hoobae group right? Jung Eunji was close to that Victon guy.... Han Seungwoo?

6. Wow... I seriously viewed him positively...

7. I bet they're halting him right now because of the contract and they'll kick him out after..

8. Wow but Victon are still in promotion.. ? I thought they stopped 

9. Withdraw

10. 1 month before their concert...

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