At this rate, shouldn't they put some hair spray and fix his hair before he dances like that? You can see everything when they are dancing
I got shocked when I watched the video

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1. [+66, -3]
That's NCT Jungwoo??? Wow it's that bad..???

2. [+57, -5]
Seeing how it looks the same on other videos too, it doesn't seem like an edit

3. [+43, 0]
Isn't balding common among male idols? If you look at those balding websites, there are so many hair implant before-after pictures of male celebrities. Shinee Minho and Bangtan V are representatives of idols getting hair implant. In the area where they get hair implant, they would fix it with a wig, extensions or wear hairbands

4. [+39, -3]
His balding aside, since he has a wide forehead, it looks even more severe..

5. [+36, 0]
It's unrelated but aren't idols' scalps in general in bad conditions?ㅠㅠ If you bleach and dye your hair at the same time every time, even though you go to a good hair clinic, it cannot be good for your hair. That's why idols use extensions a lot. Male idols use extensions a lot too

6. [+31, -2]
If he's balding, then he can get hair implant.. but how can we fix your personality? You even searched up his videos and watched them.. and took f*cking evil screencapsㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even Jung Woosung has a M-shaped hairline and once he fixed his hairline, he got called handsome even until now.. This reminds me of my bias.. I hope that fans don't get mad at this topicㅋㅋㅋ (T/N: Jung Woosung for ref)

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