What theㅠㅠ Why is she still losing weight? 

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1. [+68, -25]
She's too pretty but she really looks like a skeleton in real life..

2. [+53, -21]
Meanwhile you guys have a f*cking huge head and your propotions are f*cking ruined, meanwhile Jang Wonyoung is prettier than you, skinnier than you, she's tall and looks like a model, she's way above average and is constantly receiving love and praisesㅋㅋ You f*cking Pann girl pigs who sit in the corner of your room, you think that you can drag Jang Wonyoung down? In reality, Jang Wonyoung has the perfect fit for advertisers and wearing clothes

3. [+49, -12]
Let's see whose body is the best, your body or Jang Wonyoung's? The truth is that aside from your mom, everyone else would choose Jang Wonyoung's bodyㅋㅋ

4. [+43, -1]
Wow but for real, she has a model's body. One thing for sure, she's way prettier than pigs like you 

5. [+40, -36]
Bullsh*tting if she loses weight, bullsh*tting when she gains weight 

6. [+34, -8]
Even if you lost weight down to your bones, you won't have her body, don't you think you're wasting your time worrying about a top celebrity?

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