They always go back and forth in front of you thinking that you'll take pictures with your phone camera. Also, why would they even catch people with phone cameras at awards ceremonies? Do they think that we pay so much for a concert just to take pictures of security guards?
They keep screaming at me. Can security guards stop meddling with us? What are they gonna do if we take a picture with our phone camera? Stop ruining the good mood during concerts

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They can't help but not let us take picture with our phones because of the rules but f*ck, the way they are disturbing the sight just to not let us take pictures is f*cked up. There were 12 security guards in one section.

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Who would walk back and forth in front of the audience mid-concert? They should respect my right since I'm the one who bought the ticket. Even during awards ceremonies, they would pick on me. I'm telling you to give me the right to my ticket. They would coerce fans to delete pictures and there's no other way to see it as looking down on fans because they are young

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For real, they are such a disruption at concerts. I'm not even holding my phone and I paid for this;

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What's funny is that when they go to concerts overseas, there's no restrictions at allㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ If they were restricting foreigners in the same way, nobody would say anything. It's not even a public broadcast and people paid for it. If it happens to you in real time, you feel f*cking offended

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If tell us not to take pictures, we won't do it and they should just leave us be. However, there are always kids taking pictures in secret so that's why they act like this;... they also get paid by the company so do you think that they'll slack off? They need to catch at least one person to show their performance

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