There was a post on Theqoo not long ago asking who opened the 4th generation for female idols
The opinions all differed so nobody came to a conclusion 
So with Pann's upvoting system, let's find out 

Who do you think opened the 4th generation?

Aespa - Next Level vote up

ITZY - Dalla Dalla vote down 

post response:
original post: here

1. [+46, -7]
The 2nd generation was Bigbang's Lies and Wonder Girls' Tell Me. The 3rd generation was EXO Growl and Twice Cheer Up, And you think that the 4th generation is ITZY's Dalla Dalla? Honestly even as another group's fan, I can tell that AESPA's Next Level opened it

2. [+39, -5]
Every time people discuss about this, I always get f*cking dumbfounded. ITZY debuted in February 2019 and at that time Travel (Twice, RV, BP) were the best so ITZY couldn't even get #1 in the daily chart. And you think that they opened the 4th generation by distinguishing themselves from Travel? At least try to make some sense, anyone can tell that ITZY is 3.5 and NMIXX is the real 4th gen

4. [+31, -2]
Dalla Dalla wasn't even able to achieve #1 in the daily chart, what opening the 4th generation?

5. [+26, -0]
ITZY is 3.5 why are people trying to make them crawl to the 4th generation all the time? They're the same from AOA and Apink who were 2.5 generation 

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